Commercial Air Fresheners

Using Auto-San Odor Eliminator products can make your team and customers “Nose Happy”

Your sense of smell is the most powerful sense you possess. Same goes for your customers. So, it’s no surprise that a positive scent environment (where people are “Nose Happy”) is proven to make people feel better about a brand. When people feel better about your brand, they do more business with you. When they do more business with you, your business grows. When your business grows, you’re happy. Really happy.  Using Auto-San Odor Eliminator products can help your business grow.

Research proves it: Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our 5 senses.

An off-putting odor can turn customers away and ensure they never return. A pleasant scent leaves a positive impression of your business  – a long-lasting imprint – that helps compel brand adoption, advocacy and (most important!) sales.

Ensuring your employees, guests, and customers are Nose Happy is more than a polite demonstration of your hospitality – it’s a proven way to help build a more highly regarded brand and financially successful business.


AS 3.0 Bluetooth Control Scent Diffuser

AS 3.0

An app-controlled, state-of-the-art, commercial scent diffuser system


Auto-San Fragrance Fan

Fragrance Fans

Fragrance fans that accommodate gels, liquids and deodorants.


Defender Pro

DEFENDER Granulated Odor Counteractant

Granules formulated to handle the toughest odors.



As an out-of-state customer, we have found the fragrance fans and wafers easy to install and maintain. The Odorless wafers work great in patient restroom areas, most especially those harboring baby changing stations. For our odor sensitive employees, we chose to go with a milder fragrance wafer in staff restrooms.

Customer service is outstanding. Andrew personally reaches out every three month’s when it is time for my re-order.

Carolyn M.

Director of People & Places, Family Allergy & Asthma

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Auto-San to anyone who is looking for a vendor who can eliminate odors and or provide a clean smelling environment in your first impression areas. I have found that working with the team at Auto-San, they will use their expertise to find solutions to almost any odor problem you may have in your facility. We also have found that placing fragrance fans in specific areas in the hospital can increase our perceptions of cleanliness in those areas and help our customer satisfaction scores.

I have been in the cleaning business for 17 years and haven’t found anyone that can provide anything even close to the products that Auto-San provides with us here at the Hospital.

David E.

Healthcare Company

Your staff performs our scheduled service seamlessly every month.  They are always polite, patient, flexible and accommodating.  Additionally, you have educated us on your products and helped us make the right choice for each location.  That includes personalizing scents to the specific needs of a department.  For example, Auto-San successfully suggested a milder fragrance for our chemo patients at our Infusion Clinic.

Bill M.

Director of Environmental Services, Healthcare

Since switching to Auto-San, we have been very happy as their system uses a much safer wafer insert with no risk of spillage or major health risks and liabilities associated. Also, the product contains an airborne deodorant so it is not simply designed to mask odors with perfumes, it eliminates them.

I highly recommend Auto-San as a service provider for odor control systems in restrooms. They have displayed an immense amount of commitment to our organization and we have been very pleased with our partnership so far.

Kovan A.

Director, YMCA