The AS 3.0 is an innovative, compact cold air scent diffuser with Bluetooth Control.


  • Bluetooth Control
  • Capacity: 100ml Recyclable Bottle (included)
  • White/Scratch Resistant Plastic
  • Wall-Mount
  • Power Battery: 2 x Size D (1 .50V)
  • Suggested Room Size: 300 sq.ft. (27.87m2)

For use in :

Hallways, Lobbies, Fitness Centers, Conference Rooms


AS Series Cold Air Diffusers

AS 3.0 Bluetooth Control Scent Diffuser

AS 3.0

AS 3.0 Bluetooth Control Scent Diffuser

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AS 5.0 Cold Air Scent Diffuser

AS 5.0

AS 3.0 Bluetooth Control Scent Diffuser

AS 7.0

Studies show that customers dwell in scented areas up to 40% longer vs. areas without scent. The right scent evokes a feeling of trust, relaxation and desire, which increases the customer experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Auto-San to anyone who is looking for a vendor who can eliminate odors and or provide a clean smelling environment in your first impression areas. I have found that working with Auto-San, they will use their expertise to find solutions to almost any odor problem you may have in your facility.

David Evans

Crothall Healthcare West Tennessee