Fragrance Fans

Our fragrance fans are installed in commercial restrooms and first impression areas (lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, conference areas, etc.) Our system contains Metazene which actually eliminates odors and not simply mask them.  With over 50+ fragrances from strong, medium, light to odorless we can meet any customer’s needs or wants, while making sure they never experience “nose fatigue.”

We install, maintain and replace fragrance fans within your commercial building bathrooms. If you do not allow access to our employees, we are willing to ship you any supplies you wish.


Fragrance Fans Specifications

Fragrance Fans Installation

Our fragrance fan’s features include the following:

  • White or black exterior
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Modern styling
  • Unique living hinge
  • Locking device
  • More than 50 fragrance options
Our fragrance fan’s are easy to manage

97% of U.S. adults would be influenced not to return to a restaurant if they experiences some type of issue related to the facility.

Ask us about our full-service scent management program and never worry about odors again.

Let us save you and your staff resources and labor time by handling your restroom odor control system. Based on customer experience our team can strategically design a program for your facility.

The automatic drip systems and fragrance fans truly makes a difference in eliminating odors and providing a refreshing scent to our restrooms and 1st impression areas. Auto-San provides a high quality of service and expertise in this industry. They have been extremely professional, responsive, and knowledgeable on any needs we have.
Matthew L. Barnes

Director, Environmental Services, Saint Francis Hospital Memphis