Making the World Nose Happy

For 40 years, our job has been about doing one thing and one thing only: Keeping you, your employees, customers and guests Nose Happy. That’s why we’re a leader in scent related business solutions – from restroom odor protection to location-wide scent branding programs. The bottom line is that we save you and your staff time, resources and money while making your customers and guests happier that they choose to do business with you. Put Auto-San to the smell test. Contact us today for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION trial solution developed specifically for your need.

Unlock the business-enhancing power of Nose Happiness!

Our Mission

Make our customers’ world the most Nose Happy places they can be.

Invest locally by hiring, training and developing professionals.

Give back – by giving a percentage of our profits to a charitable organization each year.

Our Solutions

Make you, your employees, customers and guests Nose Happy.

Deliver Material Results

Are Always Installed Free

Entail No Initial Capital Investment

Require No Replacement Costs